Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 16 - Corn Island

I took my morning walk north of the hotel cutting off the road to the beach. I came across a cemetery on the beach and then followed a path that eventually lead back to the road.

Graveyard on Corn Island

Sally Peaches, Corn Island

I made it to the north side of the island when it started to rain pretty hard. Fortunately a taxi came right along and took me back to the hotel. After it stopped raining we took a taxi back to Fisherman's Cave for breakfast. We watched a boat arrive that was packed full of people and supplies. Someone told me that a great number of Moskito Indians migrate to the island on these boats looking for food and jobs. They live in a shanty town by the airport with no water or sewage system and have generally destroyed that part of the island.

Next we went back to Picnic Center for our last beach day.

After going back to our hotel we wanted to eat dinner somewhere else. There was a restaurant down the road that had smelled pretty good when we walked past the night before. We went in and ordered some beers and food. After about 45 minutes we were getting hungry and asked the waitress how much longer it was going to be and she said "I don't know". Now we're used to the Nica style of taking along time but this was getting ridiculous. We didn't even smell any food or hear and noise coming from the kitchen. After 15 more minutes I told her that I just wanted to pay for the beers and leave. She looked at the other girl working there and shrugged her shoulders. I gave her 120 cordobas and walked out. Back at our hotel we ordered a bottle of rum and coke and ate a tasty steak dinner.

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