Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 8 - Las Penitas

Day 8 – Las Penitas

Woke up and had a good Nica Typico breakfast consisting of eggs, gallo pinto, cheese, tortillas, and coffee. We wanted to check our email and the only internet cafe is by the estuary across from Barca del Oro. We waked along the road (about 30 minutes form Olazul) to the internet café. The computers are in a stifling hot room with no fans – I wonder how long those computers will last in that heat? The connection was painfully slow. Kat tried to use the bathroom but found it to be completely disgusting and instead went to Barca del Oro and had some lemonade and then a few Victorias.

Dog and fishing boat

We then walked back along the beach stopping to watch some dogs run back and forth along the rocks at Playa Roca chasing a bird. We got back to Olazul and changed into our swimsuits – another guest at the hotel told us that the beach was better for swimming closer to where there is a cross on top of the rocks further north. We walked north towards the cross but the waves still looked pretty fierce so we gave up and turned back around to swim in the hotel’s pool. We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in hammocks reading one of the many books we had packed. It rained for a bit which was nice as it cooled down. After it stopped raining we took a walk along the road towards Poneloya. Where the road splits to Poneyloya or Leon we cut in towards the beach and found a crumbling house with FSLN graffiti on the outside. The house was a shambles but looked like it was once a nice place with a pool and great view of the beach. From the house we could see that we were now north of the cross that we tried to get to before and were at Poneyloya beach and saw lots of people swimming in much more gentle water.

Nicaragua 11_26_2009 Las Penitas - 125

We then walked back along the beach to the hotel and then drive to Playa Roca hoping that since it was an ex-pat handout we might find some resemblance of a turkey thanksgiving dinner. The owner told me that this was the first year he hadn’t had Thanksgiving so we settled for their happy hour where we drank more Flor de Cana and played cards and got some chicken wings as a snack. At about 7:30 we walked next door to Hotel Suyapa Beach which was recommended for dinner but we were told that the kitchen was closed for the night! Disappointed we drove back to our hotel and we both had a yummy chicken curry and split a killer sundae for dessert.

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