Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 1 - Arrival in Managua and transfer to Granada

We flew out of San Francisco on time at 11am on Continental with an scheduled hour layover in Houston. Once in Houston, we wanted to get a quick drink at an airport restaurant that was right near our gate but the waitress was incompetent and it turned into a 40 minute ordeal as they switched my credit card with someone else's when it was time to pay the bill. Fortunately we got it worked out and then found that our flight was delayed for another hour due to an FAA computer glitch that was affecting flights all over the eastern US.

We finally arrived in Managua an hour late at about 10pm and made it through immigration and customs in about 10 minutes paying our $5/person entry tax. The driver from our hotel, El Terrasol, was there waiting and he had us at the hotel in about 45 minutes. Since it was late the night guard let us in and gave us the keys to the room. Our room was super tiny but had a comfortable bed, security box, cable tv, and a/c, along with a small balcony that looked over the street.

We were pretty thirsty from our trip so Kat went down and got some beers, two Victorias and two Tonas, from the guard. She dosent speak Spanish and the guard didn't speak English so when he said "seis" she thought that meant $6 and gave him the money.

We were pretty tired from the day of traveling so we watched some TV and then hit the sack.

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